We only do dryer vent cleaning and repair.  Day in and out we are servicing dryer vents.  We know dryer vents literally inside and out. Please consider the following when you experience the need to have your dryer duct cleaned.

  • What is the price?   Verify that the price quoted over the phone will be the price charged.   Good service is worth the price.   Our service is second to no one.  It is hard for us to lose business to someone who chooses a cheap price and they get cheap service or find out that the price charged is not the cheap price quoted.
  • Are they doing the work at the termination of the duct?  PLEASE do not let someone clean your vent from behind the dryer, unless they go to the outside of the home (usually the roof) to verify airflow.    
  • What kind of equipment are they using to clean the ducts?    We use extreme high quality equipment for the best job possible.
  • Our work is guaranteed.  We are insured and family owned.  We guarantee excellent personal service.
  • Do they do other services such as carpet cleaning or air ducts.  The knowledge of cleaning dryer vents can be important if you are having problems.